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Elmo is a story about an economic crisis in the small town of Miner. Fundraisers, food drives, and generous donations initially held the financial plague at bay. Eventually the township was forced to bend with the rest of the nation causing the dads to volley back with a clever remedy. They would brave the winter nights and secretly take shifts dressed as a hobo on the corner of Main Street and Elm…

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A Barrel Full Of Monkeys

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Audio Book

"We Invite You To Join Our Adventure For Only $5.00!"

A Barrel Full Of Monkeys is an audio book read by a group of seemingly harmless radio personalities who mean well – with a touch of insanity thrown in! The short stories written by Matt Shea are excerpts from The Grounds Keeper And Other Short Stories, Judge Alvin Wong In The Mouse That Roared, Lauratown And Other Short Stories, and The World’s Greatest Rock Star And Other Short Stories.

The Best Money Can Buy

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The Best Money Can Buy is a story where the Bible is challenged by wealth and fame. Author Matt Shea is at it again! This is his latest inspiring story about faith and the challenges this world presents. All encompassed around a local racing legend by the name of Rusty Hampton and a teen looking for direction. What starts out as a bumpy road full of checkered flags and trophies becomes one of prayer and intervention. A story that rejuvenates faith with a little spice thrown in! Matt feels this is his very best so far!

The King of Coalman’s Hill

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For all his long life, Clayton Graves has served the people of his mountain community at Coalman’s Hill. The caretaker of the legendary Graves family home, where the doors are always open to those in need, Clayton spends his days bringing food to the hungry, warmth to the cold and helpless-and most of all, caring for his beloved granddaughter, Elizabeth. But the Lord has plans for his faithful servant that Clayton could never foresee. When impending tragedy strikes the legendary mountain man, his strength is tested as he struggles to ensure a bright future for Elizabeth, as well as his dearest friends and the tight-knit, snowbound community that has come to rely on him. A poignant story of love and family, old-fashioned values, childhood nostalgia, and the challenges we all face in life, “The King of Coalman’s Hill” will resonate long after the final words are read.

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